Telling Fear to F*** Off

Telling Fear to F*** Off

Besides, isn't Paris always a good idea?

I almost didn’t go to Paris.

I sat in a park several days before my trip and justified all of the reasons for why I shouldn’t take the flight. What business did I have spending 2 weeks in Paris?

I was unemployed, had quit the few things I was doing for income on an intuition-led whim, and hadn’t yet “figured it out,” IT being, wtf was I going to do with this next chapter of my life. I felt like a lazy, irresponsible brat, jetting off to Paris and leaving all of my responsibilities and realities and cat behind. How dare I gather the last few thousand dollars to my name with no plan and no job to a foreign country?

The truth is, I was scared.  

As it unfolded, Paris had some massive magic in store for me, and those two weeks dramatically reorganized and redirected my life. What if I hadn’t gotten on the plane? What if I had listened to my fears and stayed put, stayed small, stayed stuck?

Selena tells us why we need to tell fear to f*** off. Living life OnPurpose is about acknowledging the fear and doing it anyways, noticing what is in your head but listening to what is in your heart.

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Can you remember a time when you told your fears to f*** off… and what happened as a result of it?

Is there something you feel called to do, but fear is creeping up and keeping you from taking a leap - or even a small next step?

I’d love to hear any thoughts or shares, your stories are welcomed here :)

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